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Finding The Best Provider Of Funeral Flowers In Perth

Life and death are facts of life that although they can be understood, are never truly felt until we experience the birth or death of someone close to us. In particular, death can be particularly challenging for individuals, as it means an end to relationships, to new experiences, and to new memories with the individual. Often times, a funeral is held to help those who loved the individual pay their respects and honor their memory. Helping to heal and let others move on, the ceremony itself is invaluable.

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Playing a central role in funerals, sending floral tributes in Perth for the service are an important way to honor the dead and create a beautiful and solemn ceremony. Whether you are in or around Perth, finding the right provider for your funeral flower needs is crucial. Let’s take a moment to discuss the significance of funeral flowers and why they can be so important to the grieving process. In addition, we will review a company with a proven track record for providing the flowers people need when they need it the most. With all of that out of the way, let’s begin.

Providing The Significance and Elegance For Your Funeral

Funeral floral arrangements like those on this webpage can serve a number of different purposes. As a result, they are frequently included in the ceremony. Flowers can be selected among the colors or species that the deceased most liked. They can be ordered as requested by the will or in honor of the deceased. Forming a beautiful tribute to the dead, the flowers help to bring out the beauty associated with life and the tragedy associated with death. Symbols of fragility, strength, and beauty, flowers represent an end with a purpose, bringing meaning to the life of the loved one.

Outside of individual significance, flowers are a sign of respect and value. Flowers arranged neatly will appear beautiful, purposeful, and even austere. The choice of coloring can be used to increase the affect, helping to truly honor the person who is lost. If nothing else, it helps us to quantify our own feelings of loss, and do something beautiful for someone we love one last time. While the individual will leave us, the memories we form from a beautiful ceremony will stay with us, helping to provide the closure every person needs in the healing process.

Why You Should Consider Spearwood Florist

The florists at Spearwood Florist in Perth Western Australia understand how challenging a funeral can be to organize, set up, and run correctly. That is why they will work with you every step of the way to figure out what you will need. Helping you to select the floral arrangements you believe are best for the funeral, their expert funeral florists will painstaking prepare your request, ensuring that all cuts and arrangements are of the best possible quality. Providing safe delivery of all floral tributes to your Perth funeral, they will provide the best funeral flowers available. Let Spearwood Florist help you remember your loved one and be that reliable source for all of your floral needs. Visit Spearwood Florist website at

List of funeral directors in Perth:

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Seasons Funeral

Purslowe & Chipper Funerals

Simplicity Funerals

How To Find A Flower Delivery in Fremantle

fremantleFremantle is a port city southwest of Perth CBD in Western Australia. If you’re a resident of Fremantle and you wish to send a floral bouquet, finding an online flower delivery service which takes care of customers from Fremantle will be a smart way to take care of things.

Ordering online is just so easy and there are lots of local and national florists who operate online. These florists definitely serve the needs of customers in Fremantle or deliver flowers to residents or visitors of Fremantle.

So, you’ll have plenty of choices…

How to Select a Florist

There are so many florists who offer delivery services. Finding the right one will be all about doing a little research online before you place an order. The time that you spend checking out the best local Fremantle florist will pay off, as you’ll feel more comfortable ordering once you’ve vetted a few florists and chosen the best.

In terms of checking out floral providers, you should look for experience and positive business reputations. It’s really quite simple to find out these things, just by looking around on the World Wide Web.

For example, visiting their facebook page will make it possible for you to view overall ratings of flower delivery services, as well as complaints which have been filed (if there are any) and how these complaints were resolved. As well, most florists get online reviews at Yelp and other review interfaces.

Finding reviews and ratings is easy and it’s probably the smartest way to access information about the quality level of companies.

blooms in vaseOnce you’ve found two or three florists which serve your city and send flowers where you need them to go (and also earn strong reviews and ratings), you’ll be ready for the next step, which is visiting the official websites of these companies. Once you’ve arrived at a florist’s website, look for the flowers that you want and then see how much they cost. Prices should be listed alongside product descriptions. Also, look for information about customer service policies and delivery fees.

Once you’ve checked out all three companies on your short list, you’ll know which one provides flowers for the most reasonable price. At this stage, you should feel confident about placing an order. You’ll need to register at a flower delivery service website before you proceed with an order. However, most companies allow customers to register as they go, which means that you may select a bouquet and register as you process the order. In most cases, it won’t take more than five minutes to complete an order.

In terms of which flowers to choose, it’s really about your personal taste. If you love roses, sending these pretty flowers will make you feel thoughtful and caring. Another strategy is to tailor your choices to a special occasion. For example, if you’re sending flowers for a birthday in springtime, violets or daffodils will be very appropriate. Any flowers will impress – it’s hard to make a mistake here!

Order Fresh Flowers Today

modern floral arrangementShow someone how much you care about them by offering them a gift of fresh flowers. It’s a great way to express yourself and your gift will always be appreciated. Flowers are natural, fragrant and beautiful. They brighten people’s lives. Whether you want to send a “get well soon” bouquet, show romantic love with red roses or express sympathy with blossoms, you’ll find that today’s florists offer the product choices and customer services that you need.

So, why not send some lovely flowers today? When you do, you’ll be sending a gift that really matters and your flowers will say a lot about you as a person.

5 Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

Your wedding is likely to be the biggest and most exciting event of your life, and the flowers are an integral part to pull everything together. However making those all-important flower choices and trying to get your vision across to your florist can be a difficult task and mistakes are easily made. Here are some common wedding flower mistakes that you can avoid to ensure your big day goes without a hitch.

1. Choosing your florist last minute

wedding flowers 3The flowers really are an integral part of the whole wedding. Many people make the mistake of booking the florist last minute and ending up with arrangements that they are not completely happy with. The entire design of your wedding should be reflected in the flowers that you choose and for this reason your florist needs to be on board from the very start in order to truly realise your vision.

2. Not putting your trust in your florist

It is definitely important to get your vision across in an understandable and coherent way, but you also need to trust that florist is able to interpret that vision in a visually appealing way. Trust them to provide you with the flowers that you so desperately want, and let them do their job, they know what they’re talking about.

3. Not being economical

wedding flowers 2There really is no need to get separate flower arrangements made for the ceremony and the reception. The flowers decorating your ceremony venue can easily be reused for the reception. Aisle flowers can easily become centrepieces and the buffet table can be decorate with the flowers previously decorating the altar. It would be a terrible shame to see beautiful arrangements only used for such a short period of time, so save yourself money and effort by be being economical.

4. Being Boring

It is understandable to think that a great idea when choosing flowers is to the match them to the current colour scheme, for instance matching the bouquets to the bridesmaids dresses. However when you actually think about this, having bridesmaids in pink dresses holding a bouquet full of pink flowers is not going to create an eye catching photograph. Instead of focusing on matching everything think about colours that contrast well together, your flowers should give you an opportunity to branch out e.g. a lilac bridesmaid dress combined with a bouquet combined of lime green hues will create a fabulous contrast and beautiful photographs.

5. Forgetting the Foundations

When you are choosing your centrepiece you need to think deeply about what will be going underneath it. There is no point creating this fabulous collection of flowers only to have it shy away on top of an inappropriate undergarment. The runners and the underlays that you choose should be able to allow your flowers to flourish.

So there you have it, 5 common wedding flower mistakes that you can easily avoid, to make your wedding run without a hitch, whilst making sure that your flowers really look the part.

The Lore of Flowers

In the most ancient of days, before words, human beings communicated with the things of nature. Flowers, steeped as they are in symbolism, continue to be our messengers. They speak of love, gratitude, forgiveness and remembrance. Various cultures attach meaning to certain blossoms, which can convey honour and respect, passion, broken trust and even fertility. Flowers speak to us with colour, fragrance and complexity of form. Here are a few favourites.

Sunflower (Helianthus annus)

SunflowerWhen you look at the muscular sunflower standing so tall in the field with its face continually turning to the sun, what is it saying to you? Every part of the sunflower is useful. The seeds are edible, the stalks make wonderful fodder for animals and its leaves can be used for cloth. To many, the unspoken words of a sunflower say, I give, I am useful. My loyalty is unwavering.

To the Incas who lived in the Andes Mountains on the western coast of South America, the sunflower speaks of power, warmth and nourishment—all attributes the sun itself expresses. The Incas revered the sunflower so much, they hammered images of the blossom into gold pieces and put them in prominent places in the temple. In Chinese traditions, the sunflower symbolizes longevity.

Aster (Aster)

AsterLong ago legends speak of the goddess Virgo taking stardust from the heavens and scattering it upon the earth. Where each grain of stardust fell, an Aster grew. In Greek, the name aster means star, and the night sky is what people think of when they see clusters of this daisy like flower.
The aster is thought to have magical powers to Europeans. Lore says the yellow eyes in the centre of the flower can drive evil spirits away.

Hyacinth (Hyacinthus)

HyacinthNothing says young and fragile like hyacinth blossoms. They bloom early and are quickly gone. According to the French flower code, hyacinth says, you love me and destroy me.

Greek legend says the gods Apollo and Zephyr were both in love with a beautiful mortal youth named Hyacinth. Zephyr killed the youth when he discovered Hyacinth preferred Apollo to him. The flower speaks of consolation for lost love, for where his blood was spilled by Zephyr, Hyacinth blossoms sprang forth.

Daisy (Bellis Perennis)

DaisyWhen you look at a bunch of daisies, innocence and purity seem to radiate outward in waves. The flower’s name comes from the Old English words, day’s eye, because of the daisy’s habit of shutting their petals (to cover their eyes) when the sun goes down.
Ancient Greeks tell this story about the origins of the daisy. One morning a group of wood nymphs went to the edge of the forest to dance where the sunny orchard began. The god of the orchard drew near to watch, and became enamoured with one of the nymphs. But when he rushed in closer, the wood nymphs vanished from sight by becoming daisies growing at the edge of the forest.

Peony (Paeonia)

PeonyThe peony stands for the steadfast power to keep a secret or a promise because of its very deep roots and ability to stay so firmly planted in the ground.

There is a story about a farmer who needed his horse to pull one from the ground because he was unable to get the plant out on his own. Therefore, it is said giving peonies, enhances a promise’s power. In Japan, where peonies have been cultivated for a thousand years, the peony symbolizes prosperity. Because they require careful cultivation, only the rich can afford them.

Tulip (Tulipa)

TulipA red tulip is used to declare love in Persia. The tulip’s black center is said to represent the lover’s heart burnt to a crisp by the passion of love.

Tulips are native to Persia, but arrived in Europe in the fifteen hundreds when a traveller in Constantinople brought some home with him. The tulip was so popular in Holland and the bulbs fetched such high prices that speculation in tulip bulbs began which eventually brought about a collapse in the market. The entire country plunged into a depression from that point.

The word tulip is derived from the Turkish word for turban, for how the blossom resembles the shape of a turban.

Let the blossoms speak

The next time you send flowers, think about the sentiment you want to express to your loved one and let the blossoms communicate their ancient messages. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to include some information on the power of flowers when you fill out the accompanying card!

Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet and Create a Lasting Memory

Your wedding day is typically the most wonderful day of your life. If you are like most brides, the day’s events create magical memories you won’t ever want to forget. However, time does take its toll on both our memories and the objects that helped create them. Don’t let your bridal bouquet, the beautiful flowers you held in your hands as you walked down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams, become just another thing to throw away; forgotten, except in photographs. Here are easy ways to save either all or part of your bridal bouquet in order to create something for your home that will forever remind you of your wedding day.

Pressing Flowers

Pressing FlowersOne way brides keep their bouquets alive is to dry selected pieces of flowers or foliage between the pages of a book or magazine before mounting them into a glass frame. Here’s how.

  • Lay the flower petals and pieces of foliage you want to preserve on a couple pieces of paper towelling with some separation space between them.
  • Gently press with your fingers until flat. If some flower or stem parts are too bulky, you may want to eliminate them.
  • Cover with a few more layers of paper towels and facial tissues.
  • Carefully transfer the entire thing between the pages of an old magazine.
  • Place the closed magazine on a flat, hard surface.
  • Cover the magazine with books or other heavy objects.
  • Leave your makeshift flower press untouched for about two weeks.
  • Remove dried flowers carefully.

How to assemble memories in a frame

preserved bridal bouquetBuy a nice picture frame with a glass cover, and enough black (or any other colour velvet) to cover the cardboard piece inside the frame. Clean the glass thoroughly and make sure it is dry before beginning.

  • Glue the velvet to the cardboard
  • Plan the layout. It may be helpful to draw a layout before you begin working with the petals since they are relatively fragile. You do not want them to break after having waiting two weeks while they were drying!
  • Carefully arrange the dried flowers and other bouquet items like ribbons and embellishments onto the velvet. Think about including a wedding picture or two, and perhaps the invitation. Do not glue the petals to the velvet since doing so will discolour them.
  • Press the glass down over the petals and other items.
  • Carefully turn the whole thing over and slide it into the frame, securing the back.

Now you have a beautiful keepsake of your wedding that is a warm and welcome addition to your new home.

Alternate way of drying flowers

drying flowersAnother way to dry the flowers you have chosen to keep is to use a desiccant, which is a drying agent. The most common are sand, silica gel and borax. But, since borax can be breathed in, it is probably safer to use one of the other two products. Silica gel really helps retain the colour of the petals and is readily available on-line.

How to use

Find a small cardboard box and cover the bottom with either sand or silica gel. Place the flowers on top and sprinkle more of your desiccant over them, but be very careful not to crush the petals. Approximately two weeks later, shake the desiccant off and begin assembling your picture frame memory.

Everything you need to know when buying flowers for a funeral

casket sprayFunerals are difficult enough without having to further compound things by not knowing how to purchase flowers for this occasion.
A tradition that stretches back literally thousands and thousands of times (even older than the Roman Empire), bringing flowers – or having them delivered – to a funeral is an important symbol of respect, admiration, and love.

At the same time, you may or may not (and hopefully haven’t) had a lot of experience in sending flowers to a funeral or choosing the particular ones that will make up the arrangement you have professionally prepared.

If you are looking for a couple of tips to help you better prepare the right flowers for a few, hopefully the “inside information” provided below gives you exactly that. Outlined as a “three-step process”, there are a number of subtle details, nuances, and specific areas that you’ll want to focus on to make sure that the funeral flowers you have sent to a service (or have professionally arranged) are picture-perfect and convey exactly the types of sentiment that you had been hoping to.

Let’s dive right in the different types of funeral flowers!

Choose the actual flowers themselves

Funeral cross arrangementThe very first thing that you’re going to want to do is actually choose the flowers that will make up at the arrangement that you are going to have prepared.

This may seem a bit on the obvious side of things at first, but the truth of the matter is with today’s floral selection you are going to have an almost unlimited amount of options before you – some of them picture-perfect for the mood and sentiment you are hoping to convey, and some of them not exactly funeral appropriate.

Picking in choosing the right flowers for this funeral flower arrangement can be a real nightmare if you aren’t sure of where to start or what to look for, so hopefully you gain a better understanding with these tips and tricks.

The very first thing that you are going to want to do its focus on the deceased themselves, and try to build a funeral floral arrangement around the flowers that they appreciated most while they were still alive. You may or may not have this information on hand or readily available, but it’s certainly the kind of thing that you will want to (discreetly) inquire about if you have the opportunity.

If you do not, don’t be afraid of picking and choosing flowers that traditionally represent the energy level, charismatic nature, or love and compassion that the deceased enjoyed while they were still with us.

Have these funeral flowers professionally arranged

standing spray funeral floral tributesThe second step in this process is to make the commitment to have these flowers arranged professionally by a funeral floral specialist that knows exactly what they are doing.

There is a world of difference between floral arrangements that have been created or curated by floral professionals that have been doing these kinds of arrangements for their entire professional life, and those that are whipped up with absolutely no consideration whatsoever by your local flower shop or grocery store.

Obviously, you’re going to want to convey as much respect, admiration, and affection as possible when you are providing flowers for this location – and you’ll need a professional touch to do exactly that. Anything short of a professional floral arrangement runs the risk of looking at least a little bit disrespectful (and at the very least absent-minded on your behalf) – two things that you do not want to have to worry about when dealing with everything else that funerals bring to the table.

Depending upon the calibre of relationship that you shared with the deceased, you may even want to consider having “custom arrangements” crafted. Obviously, you’re really going to want to think about other respect level, the relationship that you enjoyed, and how this kind of gesture will be interpreted by those still living and also hoping to pay their respects to the deceased.

Funerals are not the time or place to “show off” or to really drive home how much of a favourite you really were. Instead, they are a place for mutual respect and admiration to be shared, memories to be related, and a life well lived to be celebrated.

If you’re floral arrangement represents the good things about their life, you can bet that it will be well received by everyone else.

Have been delivered according to the wishes of the deceased’s family.

open heart wreath funeral flower arrangementFinally, and somewhat controversially, you’ll likely want to have these funeral flowers delivered for you by the professional florist and not have to worry about carrying them up to the service.

With so many other things swirling around a funeral, you’re not going to want to have to worry about remembering to pick up these flowers, bring them to the service, carry them in to the service in front of everyone, and then possibly have to take care of them after the service has concluded.

By electing instead to have been delivered by the professionals responsible for arranging them in preparing them for you, you are allowing these experts to do what they do best – while at the same time giving yourself permission to focus on the funeral, the deceased, and the emotions that you are likely dealing with.

This allows you to better manage everything that is going to be swirling around, and gives you a bit of extra control when you may not feel any control whatsoever. Funerals and having people that you care about pass away are jarring and shocking experiences, and you’re going to need to make sure that you are doing your level best to stay out in front of any chaotic or potentially disastrous situations.

Make sure that you provide the professional funeral floral experts with all of the critical details regarding the service, the funeral, and anything else that may help them pull off a successful and streamlined delivery and you should have no trouble whatsoever with this moving forward.

Anniversary Flowers For That Special Someone

Celebrating your anniversary is a special time for you and your partner. At Blossom’s Floral Artistry we would like the opportunity to help you give them a special gift whether it is a floral arrangement or a gift basket. The choice you make will leave a lasting impression on that special someone.

If you would like to add something unique to your gift you could add a personalize ribbon. This would be unique because you could have whatever you want printed on the ribbon and have it placed around your floral arrange or gift basket. It would be a touching thought to be added. Imagine the look on their face when they look at the arrangement or basket and see this ribbon wrapped around it. They will be really surprised and very happy.

Anniversary Floral Arrangements

anniversary-wedding-flowersThere are a variety of different floral arrangement for you to choose from. Most florists offer you the choice of just flowers, a floral bowl, or even bouquets. The choice is yours. You can even opt for a florist choice bouquet. This is where the florist creates the bouquet for you. It will be a one-of-a kind floral arrangement.

Beautiful floral arrangements are made by professional florists. While they are making your arrangement your flowers are arranged with the freshest flowers. They will also be arranged so that the natural beauty will come through.

With your floral arrangements you have the ability to upgrade your order. When you upgrade you can add a teddy bear, balloon, box of chocolates, or wine or all if that’s what you would like to do. These are offered at an additional charge.

Gift Baskets and Hampers

anniversary & birthday baskets1Some shops offer gift baskets if you would prefer to send one of those instead of flowers. They offer fruit baskets, gourmet food baskets, wine baskets, teddy bear/soft toy, and balloons. An example of what is included in the baskets could be the fruit basket. This will come with fruit that is in season.

You will find that gift baskets start as little as $85. They offer a basket for everyone’s taste. This is a nice way to impress someone also because it shows that you truly took the time to pick out a nice basket.

Your anniversary comes around once a year. A very nice thought would be to give something that your special someone will remember all year long. It may even make them wonder what you will do for the next anniversary. You can’t go wrong with a flower arrangement or a gift basket. They will both make a terrific impression.

How Tropical Flowers Can Make Your Wedding a Wow

You’ve decided—you’re getting married on the beach! The warm sand between your toes, the golden sunshine, the bright blue of the sea—it’s going to be unforgettable. An extraordinary setting deserves extraordinary details, and flowers are one way to make a huge statement without breaking the bank. Tropical flowers don’t just belong on the beach, though. They can be used in any setting to add drama, flair and elegance to bouquets, centrepieces and arrangements. The good news is that you can find stunning tropical flowers that will fit almost any setting. Here are a few pro tips on using tropical flowers in your wedding.

Make It Pop

florida-real-wedding-modern-tropical-beach-006Tropical flowers boast vibrant colours, stunning shapes and leaves that can be used to add an architectural element to your arrangements. If you plan to get married on the beach, pick a colour palette that complements it. Hot pinks, bright yellows and oranges and deep green foliage will stand out against the sand, sea and sky for maximal effect.

Tropical flowers can also be found in subtler shades of pink, yellow, red, orange and purple if you’re looking for a more muted effect. They can also be used in more traditional weddings as dramatic splashes of colour in an otherwise subdued atmosphere.

Structure It

Use stunning foliage, like large calathia leaves, as the groundwork for your centrepieces. They contrast beautifully with the delicacy of orchids, for example. Clear glass vases (which can be found in any craft or home décor shop) show off tropical flowers beautifully and help you keep your budget under control.

Picking dramatic leaves means you can carry them over for use elsewhere. Boutonnières, for example, benefit from a stunning leaf as a backdrop– folded over and pinned down.

Keep It Simple—or Not!

tropical bouquetTropical flowers are by their very nature stunning. There’s no need to overdo it by adding in too many different colours or types of tropical flowers. Pick one tropical flower you love and then use other, more common flowers in similar colours to add texture and complement your show-piece flower.

But if you love bright, boisterous colours, tropical flowers give you an excuse to go all-out. Pulling together lots of jewel-toned flowers will give your wedding gorgeous, lush feeling.

What Kind of Bride are You?

When deciding on your flowers, keep your theme in mind. Tropical flowers work really well for beach weddings, obviously, but are also a perfect complement to weddings where bright colours play a big role. Perhaps you are a minimalist—tropical flowers like orchids make stunning, simple arrangements. Or maybe you’re planning a traditional wedding: tropical flowers in small doses can add a lot of texture and colour to traditional bouquets and arrangements.

Keeping the Price Right

Every bride is on a budget, and flowers can be an excellent place to cut back. But cutting back doesn’t mean you have to go without! Tropical flowers may have the reputation of being expensive, but some of them are available year-round, and can actually be cheaper than traditional wedding flowers, depending on the season. Ask your florist for recommendations. If you’re getting married in a resort, they may make it difficult for you to bring in outside flowers. Call around, find out what will be in season when you get married and negotiate with local florists. This can be a way to trim down your budget.

You can also reuse your flowers: ceremonies tend to be short, so when the ceremony is over the flowers you used can be transported to your reception site and reused. Task a member of your wedding party with making sure the arrangements get moved back to the reception area.

For flawless flowers if you’re getting married outside, think outside the box. Sun, heat and wind can take a toll on the sturdiest flowers, so don’t be afraid to do something different. Artificial flowers sometimes have a bad rep, but tremendous strides have been made in the industry and you can now find artificial flowers that look astonishingly real. Shop around on speciality sites to find high-quality artificial tropical flowers for your bouquet or outdoor arrangements. They will withstand the elements during your ceremony and can be reused (in perfect condition, no wilting!) at your reception. Bonus: your bouquet will last forever!

Some Common Tropical Flowers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOrchids are a staple in weddings, and their delicacy and colours ranging from pure white to deep purple to luscious pink, to golden yellow make them stars. Pair them with dahlias, ranunculus or even roses in similar colours for stunning combinations.

Use jasmine as an accent. This lovely vine boasts beautiful, star-shaped white flowers that carry a heady perfume. A little jasmine will make your bouquet look and smell unforgettable.

Birds of Paradise offer stunning, bright flowers that work well in larger centrepieces or arrangements. Pair tall flowers like the Bird of Paradise with smaller, lower flowers for a harmoniously balanced arrangement.

Tropical lilies offer deep, vibrant colours and stunning large flowers. Paired with bright green leaves and set off by other, similarly coloured flowers, they pack a lot of punch.

Calla lilies are often found in all sorts of weddings. They are simple and dramatic as stand-alone, but also work well in bouquets with other flowers.

Palm fronds can be used as stunning background greenery for bright tropical flowers, or as accents in an architectural bouquet or centrepiece.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter what your theme is or where you’re getting married, tropical flowers can be incorporated into your theme. Whether you have a preference for bright, boisterous colours and shapes, or subtle, minimalist designs and a subdued colour palette, there’s a tropical flower that will fit the bill. Your florist can offer you suggestions, and be sure to spend time looking for colours and shapes that feel right to you. In the end, no matter what your location, style or budget, there’s a tropical flower that will be just right for your special day!