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How Tropical Flowers Can Make Your Wedding a Wow

You’ve decided—you’re getting married on the beach! The warm sand between your toes, the golden sunshine, the bright blue of the sea—it’s going to be unforgettable. An extraordinary setting deserves extraordinary details, and flowers are one way to make a huge statement without breaking the bank. Tropical flowers don’t just belong on the beach, though. They can be used in any setting to add drama, flair and elegance to bouquets, centrepieces and arrangements. The good news is that you can find stunning tropical flowers that will fit almost any setting. Here are a few pro tips on using tropical flowers in your wedding.

Make It Pop

florida-real-wedding-modern-tropical-beach-006Tropical flowers boast vibrant colours, stunning shapes and leaves that can be used to add an architectural element to your arrangements. If you plan to get married on the beach, pick a colour palette that complements it. Hot pinks, bright yellows and oranges and deep green foliage will stand out against the sand, sea and sky for maximal effect.

Tropical flowers can also be found in subtler shades of pink, yellow, red, orange and purple if you’re looking for a more muted effect. They can also be used in more traditional weddings as dramatic splashes of colour in an otherwise subdued atmosphere.

Structure It

Use stunning foliage, like large calathia leaves, as the groundwork for your centrepieces. They contrast beautifully with the delicacy of orchids, for example. Clear glass vases (which can be found in any craft or home décor shop) show off tropical flowers beautifully and help you keep your budget under control.

Picking dramatic leaves means you can carry them over for use elsewhere. Boutonnières, for example, benefit from a stunning leaf as a backdrop– folded over and pinned down.

Keep It Simple—or Not!

tropical bouquetTropical flowers are by their very nature stunning. There’s no need to overdo it by adding in too many different colours or types of tropical flowers. Pick one tropical flower you love and then use other, more common flowers in similar colours to add texture and complement your show-piece flower.

But if you love bright, boisterous colours, tropical flowers give you an excuse to go all-out. Pulling together lots of jewel-toned flowers will give your wedding gorgeous, lush feeling.

What Kind of Bride are You?

When deciding on your flowers, keep your theme in mind. Tropical flowers work really well for beach weddings, obviously, but are also a perfect complement to weddings where bright colours play a big role. Perhaps you are a minimalist—tropical flowers like orchids make stunning, simple arrangements. Or maybe you’re planning a traditional wedding: tropical flowers in small doses can add a lot of texture and colour to traditional bouquets and arrangements.

Keeping the Price Right

Every bride is on a budget, and flowers can be an excellent place to cut back. But cutting back doesn’t mean you have to go without! Tropical flowers may have the reputation of being expensive, but some of them are available year-round, and can actually be cheaper than traditional wedding flowers, depending on the season. Ask your florist for recommendations. If you’re getting married in a resort, they may make it difficult for you to bring in outside flowers. Call around, find out what will be in season when you get married and negotiate with local florists. This can be a way to trim down your budget.

You can also reuse your flowers: ceremonies tend to be short, so when the ceremony is over the flowers you used can be transported to your reception site and reused. Task a member of your wedding party with making sure the arrangements get moved back to the reception area.

For flawless flowers if you’re getting married outside, think outside the box. Sun, heat and wind can take a toll on the sturdiest flowers, so don’t be afraid to do something different. Artificial flowers sometimes have a bad rep, but tremendous strides have been made in the industry and you can now find artificial flowers that look astonishingly real. Shop around on speciality sites to find high-quality artificial tropical flowers for your bouquet or outdoor arrangements. They will withstand the elements during your ceremony and can be reused (in perfect condition, no wilting!) at your reception. Bonus: your bouquet will last forever!

Some Common Tropical Flowers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOrchids are a staple in weddings, and their delicacy and colours ranging from pure white to deep purple to luscious pink, to golden yellow make them stars. Pair them with dahlias, ranunculus or even roses in similar colours for stunning combinations.

Use jasmine as an accent. This lovely vine boasts beautiful, star-shaped white flowers that carry a heady perfume. A little jasmine will make your bouquet look and smell unforgettable.

Birds of Paradise offer stunning, bright flowers that work well in larger centrepieces or arrangements. Pair tall flowers like the Bird of Paradise with smaller, lower flowers for a harmoniously balanced arrangement.

Tropical lilies offer deep, vibrant colours and stunning large flowers. Paired with bright green leaves and set off by other, similarly coloured flowers, they pack a lot of punch.

Calla lilies are often found in all sorts of weddings. They are simple and dramatic as stand-alone, but also work well in bouquets with other flowers.

Palm fronds can be used as stunning background greenery for bright tropical flowers, or as accents in an architectural bouquet or centrepiece.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter what your theme is or where you’re getting married, tropical flowers can be incorporated into your theme. Whether you have a preference for bright, boisterous colours and shapes, or subtle, minimalist designs and a subdued colour palette, there’s a tropical flower that will fit the bill. Your florist can offer you suggestions, and be sure to spend time looking for colours and shapes that feel right to you. In the end, no matter what your location, style or budget, there’s a tropical flower that will be just right for your special day!